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A tribute to Kali (01/05/99-18/11/03)

Kali, you are so beautiful, both in body and in spirit. You were always there for us, loving us unconditionally, a love we returned in full. We tried our very best to try and get you better. We knew that your spirit was always fighting, and that you never gave up. We're so sorry that your body couldn't fight any longer, and that you couldn't pass away peacefully at home. We miss you so very much and think about you every single moment. You will always be our little girl, you will always be with us in our thoughts and in our hearts. We miss you so very much, and we're waiting to join you on the other side of the bridge. But in the meantime, we know that you are here with us, forever and always.

Luc Gareau

I'm the proud papa 2 new kittens. They're so cute and adorable :)

Loki: 10 week old male grey tabby (as of June 2nd). Like the Norse god, he's a mischeivous little bugger. But he can turn around and be the biggest sucky adorable kitty

Kali: An 8 week old (as of June 2nd) female calico/tabby/tortoise mix. She started off being very shy, but now she's extremely energetic, always wanting to play and climb things (including flesh..*ouch!*).

Color pics!

Kittens from Hell!
This picture was not modified or enhanced in *ANY* way. It's how it really came out!

Kali & Loki... They're first minute in their new home.

Kali: a rare pose where she's not jumping around.

Loki: Going after prey.

Want to see a cool background I made of my kitties?